What To Pack For A Yoga Retreat In Sri Lanka

What To Pack For A Yoga Retreat In Sri Lanka

Excited about your yoga retreat and wondering what to pack? Here is a brief, tropic-friendly packing guide that we recommend for guests at our Surf and Yoga Retreat in Ahangama. 

Packing Guide for Yoga Practitioners on Holiday

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Yoga Clothing, Beach Clothes And …

Pack a few stretchy yet fitting yoga pants and tank tops. Ladies can bring tank tops with built in bras to use during yoga sessions. Bring a shawl or two and a wide brimmed hat to seek protection from sea breeze and sunshine on your strolls on the beach. You’ll of course need beach wear for your time at the beach. Pack a couple of dressy outfits for when you feel like dressing up to go out. Don’t forget to pack those loose and comfortable casual clothing and PJ’s. 

Yoga Mat and Towel

You will be more at ease practicing on your own mat. Bring a small towel to wipe away sweat in between poses. Yoga is a strenuous exercise and in Sri Lanka’s tropical clime, you will sweat a lot during sessions. 

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

You’ll need protection from the dangerous ultraviolet rays when you go out to surf, swim or simply lay on the beach near Nirbana. While there are plenty of sunscreen brands available at supermarkets in Sri Lanka, they may not sell your favourite brand. Sunglasses are essential for your tropical holiday. 

Water Bottle

Hydration is key during yoga practice, especially in hot and humid weather conditions that you’ll experience in Sri Lanka. Bring your own reusable bottle to be an eco-champion by reducing the usage of disposable water bottles.  

Yoga Props

If you are a beginner, yoga props can help you hold those tricky poses for longer without much discomfort. Don’t go overboard and bring an entire set of props. That will just take too much space in your luggage. A few simple props such as yoga blocks, straps and a neck pillow will be more than enough. 

Remember to bring along certain items that make you happy such as a good book. After all, you deserve a great holiday that is exactly to your liking. Nirbana’s all about experiences.

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