Villas in Sri Lanka That Offer Yoga Retreats

Villas in Sri Lanka That Offer Yoga Retreats

Some Tips for Beginners Taking Up Yoga

If you are looking to rest and rejuvenate yourself at one of the many Villas in Sri Lanka, then consider experiencing an in-house yoga retreat. You’ve heard the many benefits of Yoga including the ability of certain relaxation techniques to ease stress and chronic pain. Coupling a holiday with a yoga retreat offers the ideal way to relax. For first –timers here are some tips to help you get started in your yoga

Prep: Do Your Homework

It is always a good idea to look around or look online for a retreat that suits your schedule while on holiday. Then get to know the team so you will know beforehand if you would be comfortable. Start off with a beginner’s course where they will teach you the basics. After you’ve gone for a couple of lessons, you will automatically understand what works for you.

Becoming Proficient

Once you are familiar with the basics, you can inquire about the different styles and versions. A Yin class will be different from a Vinyasa flow so there is a rich practice for you to explore. The many asana (postures) will help you stretch and relax at the same time. The practice can also do wonders for your mind, emotional health and overall well being. Remember to keep an open mind.

Props to Aid You

Some people think using props is related to a lack of flexibility or strength. It need not be. The right props can make your practice more challenging. In Yin yoga, which is about deep relaxation, props can support you in deep rest as well as more dynamic practice. Try a yoga bolster and two yoga bricks. You will definitely want to invest in your own mat.

Beyond the Mat

But the mat shouldn’t restrict you. Yoga is a philosophy that extends beyond the mat. Integrate mindful moments into your day that is usually overrun by trying to get things done at work and home. Breathe deeply, listen well, check in with how you feel and relax. Relaxation (savasana) can be the hardest part; It’s not easy to just ‘be’ and allow yourself the gift of rest but with practice it can become easier.

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