Tips for Relaxing on Holiday – Use Your Yoga Holiday to Truly Relax and Escape

Tips for Relaxing on Holiday

In search of some tips for relaxing on holiday? As much as you are looking forward to your sojourn, the change in routine and small holiday worries may trigger unnecessary stress. Here is a brief guide to help you truly relax while on our surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka

Tips for relaxing on holiday

Pause – Remember to slow down and make time to unwind

Try not to overload your schedule with a multitude of ‘things to do’. Instead, research activities beforehand and when you arrive, speak to the staff on the ground and let them help you pick a few of your favourite activities from the choices on offer at the retreat. More importantly, make purposeful pauses in between your daily routine. Take longer showers, enjoy a swim, and take a few minutes before moving on from one activity to another. It is all about creating spaces of time in between your daily schedule to prevent stress and allow yourself to truly relax on your holiday. Continuous rush is bad for the human spirit. 

Be mindful of your stress levels 

Listen to your body’s signals. Stress can manifest itself as physical symptoms. Do you feel tension in your muscles? Does your face ache slightly from unconscious clenching? Look out for signs like a racing heart, feeling flustered or tension between your shoulders. Whenever you sense physical distress, pause, and breath and acknowledge the pain. You will feel the stress slowly leaving your body. Remember that you cannot force it out. Learn to observe the discomforts and accept those. If your surf lessons are stressing you out, take a break and simply enjoy the sea and the sand before picking up the surfboard again. If you can’t do certain yoga stretches, don’t worry. It’s all about doing what is achievable and feel free to speak to your instructors or practitioners to air any concerns. They will be more than happy to talk you through it and you may even chose to request a one to one session. 

Manage your expectations 

Our minds are story making factories and you need to harness this to help you relax during your holiday. We have our own perceptions of how things should be and we make up stories around those. When things don’t go according to our own expectations, we get frustrated. For example, if you look forward to a sunny day and the weather gods seem to have other ideas, try to understand the situation and adjust your plans. Go with the flow of the sea and the wind. 

When searching for surf and yoga retreats near Galle, remember to consider your personal preferences. A regimented retreat is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s your holiday too and it’s important that you make time to unwind and relax while on your vacation. After all, you work hard every day of your life and you deserve some time to enjoy life and try something new. Nirbana’s all about experiences.

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