Things to never do before yoga

Things to never do before yoga

Make the most of your yoga retreat in Sri Lanka

There are plenty of great reasons to take a transformational holiday instead of a typical aimless sightseeing vacation. To let go of stress, meet like-minded people, be close to nature and enjoy the beaches, stay at a surf and yoga retreat near Galle in Sri Lanka for your next holiday.

While doing yoga does not require many rules to be followed, there are a few things to pay attention before going for a yoga lesson.

Don’t rush

Make time for your yoga session and give yourself time to prepare for it. Getting ready frantically to get everything prepared at the last minute is never a good idea. You may end up in class in the wrong attire or feeling hungry or overstuffed. All this can cause tension, which does not help to get the most from your practice.  

Munch less

It is best not to have a meal before going for yoga. Don’t starve but have a light snack like a smoothie, banana or almonds 30 minutes before the class. After your session go gaga on the post-yoga food. If you go to a yoga retreat such as Nirbana Sri Lanka, you will be guided accordingly on the type of food that is good for your system. You don’t have to deprive yourself of enjoying your meals but simply find the right balance.

Not too much water

Its important to hydrate before hot yoga, drinking too much water similarly to overeating is a big no-no. A full stomach won’t let you practice your poses comfortably so make sure to drink only what you can handle.

Don’t wear strong perfume

Since yoga requires constant deep breathing, the strong scent of perfume can be bothersome so avoid using perfume before your yoga session. It can put you and others off. And on our all inclusive surf and yoga retreats you’ll be constantly surrounded by the beautiful calming scent of insense.

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