Beginner to Barrel Killer: Sri Lankan Waves for All

Surf in Sri Lanka

Consistent and Varied: Surfing for All Experience Levels

Sri Lanka’s picturesque beaches are the quintessential draw of the island. As you look out from the coast, you may well see masters of the ocean gliding effortlessly through the peeling waves. The waves on Lankan beaches offer surfers of all abilities a chance to hone their skills. If you’re looking for luxury surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka or considering flexible travel plans with your trusted surfboard, read on to learn more.

Best Surf Breaks in Sri Lanka

Non-Stop Waves

While boasting sunny weather all year round, Sri Lanka does experience certain seasonal changes, which differ from one coast to another. The monsoon rains batter different regions at a time and offer year round surf options. For those hoping to surf the reefs of Midigama, Ahangama and Kabalana the best time would be from November till about May.  If you are heading towards the Eastern coast, then April to October will have you riding some longer waves. If surfing is just a part of your plans and you want a boutique hotel near Galle then Weligama has waves all year round. Bottom line – whichever time you arrive – you’ll be able to catch a wave somewhere along the island’s magical coastline.

Reef Breaks, Beach Breaks and Guaranteed Stoke

The main regions for surfing include the south, east and southwest coast. The more popular surfer towns are Hikkaduwa (or Hikka if you’re down with the lingo), Weligama and Arugam Bay. In terms of the wave forms, swells in Sri Lanka differ from those in Western Australia or Hawaii. The waves are generally smaller but far more consistent and there are a lot of breaks with super long rides.


While the coastal town of Hikkaduwa has garnered a reputation as being the party town, these days it attracts quite a few surfers who equally appreciate the lively night life.   If you are setting out from Colombo, the drive to Hikkaduwa should be roughly about 130km. Alternatively, you could also travel via the highway if you are in a hurry to get your surfing adventure started.


Weligama is ideal for surfers who are just starting out or those with intermediate skills.  Along the bay surfers will find little beach fronts with swells better suited to beginners. Here you’ll find many luxury surf and yoga retreats with qualified instructors ready to help you improve.

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