Surfing in Sri Lanka – Things You Need To Know

Surfing in Sri Lanka – Things You Need To Know

Ride the waves of the Indian Ocean

Surf safaris in tuk-tuks, delectable curries, and waves for surfers at any skill level – this is surfing in paradise isle. Sri Lanka is a country with breathtaking landscapes, beaches to die for and some of the friendliest locals you will ever meet! Staying at a surf retreat in Lanka is surely a treat since you will be close to the ocean, you can unwind, get thrills and explore nature like never before.

Surfer’s guide

  • Surfing hotspots
  • Weather
  • Getting around

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is where many surfers hangout. You get plenty of designated surf camps or you can hire a board and lesson on most of the local surf beaches. If you’re also looking to escape and try something new then you may well consider booking a surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. Whether you are a solo traveller, adventure lover, or a couple escaping for an injection of sun and fun, you can meet like-minded people who are in search of a perfect holiday that blends the adrenalin of rush of surfing with the soothing art of yoga.

Surfing hotspots

In the southwest coast, you get Hikkaduwa, which is one of busiest beaches. You still get secluded ‘secret’ surf spots in Ahangama, Weligama and Yala areas. In the southeast of Sri Lanka, you get Arugam Bay, which is among the top surf points in the world. Arugam Bay stands out from the rest of Sri Lanka’s coastal areas since it is not affected by the monsoons, unlike its counterparts.


You will be delighted to find out that the weather in Sri Lanka is what you expect from a tropical island. It’s mostly humid and hot especially from January to early May. During the mid-year, you can expect thundershowers. What you must know is that when it’s hot it can get really hot so be prepared with sunscreen and light clothes.

Getting around

Many tourists prefer to grab a tuk-tuk for short distance rides or you can even opt for a bus ride if you don’t have big bags to carry. For longer trips, it’s best to hire a private car with a driver.

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