Surf & Voga Retreat Guide – 5 Fitness Tips



Wake up to a hot lemon and honey to kickstart your liver for the day. 

Only exercise if it makes you feel fabulous before (thinking about doing it), during, and after. 

Rethink the way you dress to workout. Don’t disappear into homogenous fitness wear. Dare to be different. Style and Colour has a scientific effect on how you feel so amp up the feel-good factor by styling it to the max. You should be up for being seen by everyone post class! 

Have a fabulous yoga mat ( and playlist at the ready to set the scene for your practise. If you’re struggling to get motivated, the act of stepping on your mat and hearing a beat will get you moving instantly.  

View your whole lifestyle as a way to manifest fabulousness. Take on a new awareness to how you eat, the space you live in, the clothes you wear, the way you move and Sing, dance, yoga, cycle, swim, style your way through life!

House of Voga will be joining our team for 3 weeks of fabulous wellness fun and adventure in Sri Lanka from the 16th January.

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