Surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka vs Bali

Surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka vs Bali

Planning on booking a surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka? As travel becomes more accessible we’re all starting to search for the next adventure and we’re taking more and more holidays each year. When it comes to choosing a surf and yoga retreat there are a few things to consider. In this quick tips guide, we’re going to cover a few key comparison points to help you weigh up booking a surf retreat in Sri Lanka vs Bali.

Surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka vs Bali – The Weather

Sri Lanka’s a year around destination for surfers as it sits close to the equator in the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka’s South Coast has year round surf in select locations but the main season runs from late October to April

Sri Lanka’s East Coast’s main surf season runs from April to October

Bali’s surf season runs from May to September during the dry season on the West Coast. Like Sri Lanka’s there’s a wet season and there are locations where you can surf year round.

Surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka vs Bali – The Culture

Sri Lanka’s a country that’s recently come onto the map after going through a civil war for the best part of the last two decades. People who surfed Bali back in the ’90s and early 2000s constantly claim that Sri Lanka has that buzz of a country that’s still got that back in time feeling. If you don’t visit soon, that classic adventure feeling will be lost forever as the country modernises .

Bali is packed with culture and now’s popular beach towns like Canggu are becoming more and more popular with Digital Nomads and Aussies who are flying in and out of the area year round. Bali is now growing as a luxury travel destination with new beach clubs, bars and luxury hotels popping up every year.

Sri Lanka’s got to be on the top of your Surf and yoga retreat destinations for 2019 and 2020. By 2021 it will be a very different place.

Surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka vs Bali – Learning to surf

Learning to Surf in Sri Lanka

Like so many of our guests, part of the surf and yoga retreat experience is learning to surf. Some of our guests have surfed before and many will be complete newbies. The great thing about learning to surf in Sri Lanka is that we can pretty much take you out to learn to surf all year round from our luxury retreat in Ahangama. Sri Lanka’s South West coast has some of the best surf breaks for learners in the world and we know the best locations and times to take groups and individuals out for surf lessons.

As your surf holiday goes on during the week and you get more experience and confident, we can take you to different locations and breaks to develop your surf skills.

Learning to Surf in Bali

Learning to surf in Bali is great for beginners during May to September and you’ll find waves for beginners on a number of beaches. There’s a number of great surf and yoga retreats to choose from and like Sri Lanka, you can also just cruise down to the beach, hire a board and take a surf lesson from one of the many surf instructors and schools on the

Surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka vs Bali – Yoga

Yoga and wellness in Sri Lanka goes back thousands of years. It’s an important part of everyday life for a large population of the Buddhist country with Ayurvedic practice still being viewed as the medication preference for many. Sri Lanka’s is now one of the world’s leading destinations for yoga and wellness holidays.

Bali is extremely popular with new surf and yoga retreats popping up all the time and yoga is also a big part of everyday life for many locals and travellers who choose to settle here.

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