Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Sri Lanka

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Sri Lanka

Biggest mistakes you make on a SUP

Paddle boarding Sri Lanka

The sunny paradise of Sri Lanka calls for something new, fun and exciting! So forget the boring old boat rides and try out Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). If watersports are your thing then find a surf and yoga retreat near Galle where you get the best coastal stretch in the country.

Photos Of Paddle Boarding Technique

If you are new to SUP then don’t make the following mistakes,

Work on the right technique

The correct way to hold the paddle is with one hand on top of the handle and the other on the shaft. You may be tempted to hold it like a broomstick where both hands are on the shaft but resist it since that’s not the correct technique.

The right posture is key

SUP is not surfing so keep your feet parallel and your shoulders straight. If you try the surf stance you are sure to fall off. Avoid looking down. For better stability, it’s best to look ahead at the horizon, keep your shoulders straight and give your body weight to your toes. Looking down at the board will make you wobble down into the water.

Paddle boarding white water Sri lanka
Kev Brady Paddle Boarding White Water in Sri Lanka on Ganga Adventure Tour

Know what you can handle

Be smart and ride according to your skill level. Be aware of how the waves work in the ocean and how strong the currents are when stand up paddle boarding.

Fall off the right way

Paddleboards are big and if you hit them when falling down it can even cause injuries. When you are learning, it’s important to learn how to fall off away from the board into the water. Even pros fall and that’s why you have a leash for safety. During your practice period try to avoid large crowds since you have a chance of hitting another person’s board, which can harm both of you.

falling off a paddle board

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