Spiritual Getaways – 5 Reasons Why A Yoga Holiday Is Important For Your Mind

Reasons Why A Yoga Holiday Is Important For Your Mind

Have you been debating whether or not to pick a yoga retreat for your next holiday? Here is a list of top reasons why picking one would help you truly relax on your time away from the mundane. 

Beautiful Settings

Yoga retreats are invariably set in beautiful locations close to nature. You are likely to enjoy plenty of open spaces, natural light and greenery. Our own surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka combine beauty of nature with the freeing vastness of the ocean. 

Healthy Diet

Food is one of the eight limbs of yoga. Yoga retreats will give you plenty of healthy and wholesome food options. You’ll be able to eat freshly sourced, organic vegetables, legumes and fruit. Chefs at these retreats are quite skilled at concocting appetizing vegetarian dishes. You can use the opportunity to turn around eating habits and perhaps learn some delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes to try back at home. After a week or two of healthy eating, you’ll start to feel like a new person; lighter, more energized and happier. 

Deepening your Yoga Practice

Even if you have been practicing yoga for years, yoga retreats offer a chance to learn the subtleties of techniques and the yoga way of life. You’ll be surrounded by people who are yoga practitioners not to mention instructors. You can sign up for some intensive classes to learn more about yoga and enjoy new revelations. You’ll be immersed in a yoga lifestyle during your time at the retreat which will help you discover what yoga personally means to you. 


Yoga retreats provide means of taking care of your mind and body. Instead of over indulgence or a hectic schedule, you will be focusing on yourself. A week or two of nurturing your mind, body and soul is going to result in complete rejuvenation of self. 

Like Minded Company

This is one of the greatest gifts of yoga retreats. You’ll most probably be surrounded by people who are open and accepting of differences and similarities between people and cultures. Yoga helps individuals to open up and find joy in diversity and common grounds. It is not uncommon to make lifelong friends at yoga retreats. 

Nirbana is all about experiences and creating space for peace and joy. 

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