Nirbana’s Surf & Yoga Retreat Beginners Guide To Surf Etiquette

Nirbana’s Surf & Yoga Retreat Beginners Guide To Surf Etiquette

Surfing is growing rapidly in popularity every year and for good reason. It’s almost impossible not to alleviate the stress and negativity that can dwell in the mind by catching some waves in the tropical heat. However, the sport’s growing popularity also presents its own set of problems for Sri Lanka’s growing surf community. Here we highlight some major do’s and don’ts that will keep you and others safe whilst ensuring everyone in the water has a good time.

How not to make enemies when learning to surf in Sri Lanka

Pick Your Spot Sensibly

Every wave is different due to the depth of the water, the angle of the break and the nature of the sea bed. Some spots require a lot more technical knowledge and experience than others.  Paddling out to a spot designed for advanced surfers with decades of experience when you’re still learning the sport is an absolute no no. You’ll end up hurting yourself or someone else and probably have to pay for some broken boards. Don’t get ahead of yourself, surfing is all about patience, laborious progress and taking things one step at a time.

Leave Your Ego on the Beach

There is something about surfing that can bring the very worst out in people. It’s very similar to road rage – people get edgy when the risks are high. However, staying calm is imperative when out in the ocean because to truly master the waves, you must master your mind too. Flying into irrational rages when a beginner makes a mistake is not going to help anyone and will create a negative atmosphere for those trying to enjoy their holiday. If you think you have some useful advice for someone then say it in a friendly way.

Don’t be Selfish

The etiquette of surfing is a very delicate thing that, once broken, will cause utter capitulation of something that is supposed to be enjoyable. Okay, so you might be stronger or faster than the girl waiting for the next wave, do you really have to block her out and take it yourself? The ocean is the most powerful instrument on this planet and can work in mysterious ways.  Try being generous with the waves and encouraging those around you. You may just find you’re rewarded with an epic wave that lines up perfectly for you just moments later.

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