Learning Yoga for the First Time – Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat Tips Beginners

Learning Yoga for the First Time – Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat Tips Beginners

How to start yoga

Have you been considering taking up yoga? As our yoga retreat also offers paddle boarding and surf lessons we have plenty of experience in helping beginners to start practicing yoga. Here are some of our top tips for beginners. 

Look for a good teacher 

Yoga should be a holistic experience. A qualified practitioner who has been teaching for a while will be able to help you ease into the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. A good and attentive teacher’s presence and inspiration can make all the difference in your practice. A good teacher can give you the necessary confidence and help you understand your own abilities and limitations. You can easily begin your yoga practice here in Sri Lanka with our experienced teachers.

Listen to your body 

Before you start practicing, inform your teacher about any physical injuries that you suffer from, such as problems with your spine or knees. Yoga is a philosophy of non-harm. This includes you own wellbeing. Don’t ever try to push yourself too hard in the pursuit of perfecting your yoga poses. Don’t compare yourself to others. Simply let your body and mind take over the practice.

Get yourself some comfortable and loose clothing

You’ll be stretching your body in all sorts of directions during your poses. Wear clothes that stretch and fit at the same time. Your gear should let you breathe easily and feel comfortable. If you wear something loose, it could get in the way. But if you wear tight clothing, you will not be able to maintain or even attempt certain yoga poses properly. 

Don’t abandon your sense of humor 

In the beginning, when you have not mastered the techniques or the presence of mind for yoga, you may feel stiff, ungainly or clumsy. Try not to let that get to you. Smile and be gentle with yourself. The ability to see the humor in any situation can help you deepen your practice. 


Breathing is central to yoga. Breathe wholeheartedly. Breathe to relax your body and mind. Your yoga teacher can help you learn to breathe mindfully as you hold your poses. 

At Nirbana, we facilitate our guests a wholesome experience. Feel free to ask your teacher to help you ease into the practice.

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