Learn How to Duck Dive

Learn How to Duck Dive

Are you looking forward to learning a few more impressive surfing tricks during your Surf and Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka? Here is a brief guide from us at Nirbana Sri Lanka to help you learn the art of duck diving. 

Have you seen surfing pros nonchalantly dive under an oncoming wave? That is duck diving. Surfers do it to make sure that all the progress they made paddling does not get lost by getting washed backward by a determined wave. If you are going to surf in a n area with frequent waves or big waves, duck diving is going to be required skill.

How to Do It

You need to focus on quickly getting yourself and the board beneath the oncoming wave and recover just as fast to paddle out. Put your hands on the rails and push yourself downward and let the nose of your board sink under water. Make sure that you keep your arms straight and lean forward to get the surfboard underwater. Take a deep breath before the wave breaks over your body and the board. Lie down flat on the board and let the wave pass over you. Push down hard on the board with your knees and back feet. This will level the board under water. Once the wave passes over you, angle the board back to the surface. If youโ€™ve succeeded in duck diving properly, youโ€™ll be able to resume paddling again immediately. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

You should practice duck diving against small waves before tackling big waves. You can even train to duck dive in near flat conditions. It is important to get yourself and the board as far beneath the wave as possible when you duck dive. The other trick is to learn to recover quickly. The only way to master the art of duck diving is to keep at it steadfastly. 

It is going to take a lot of practice. But, duck diving is the only way to get back on to the lineup. 
At Nirbana, we offer our guests the chance to learn to surf and get in tune with salty, sensual waves.

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