Great Food To Eat Before Yoga Practice

Food To Eat Before Yoga Practice

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The most authentic way to practice yoga is in the early morning, on an empty stomach. This can be done if you are at home but it is not feasible if you are at a yoga retreat or need to commute to practice. Yoga involves twisting and turning therefore if your stomach is full of wrong food then you are prone to get cramps. Here is a list of food to eat and avoid before a yoga session.

Food NOT to eat

Oily food

Food that is fried and oily tends to stay into the digestive system longer and your body needs to work extra hard to digest this type of food. Any type of oily or fried food must be avoided before yoga practice.

Dairy food

Dairy food can cause your body to slow down, therefore, avoid it before heading to your yoga class.

Raw veggies

Raw vegetables can cause gas and make your stomach bloated making you feel uncomfortable while practicing yoga.

Foods you can eat


Fruits digest easily and are low on sodium. Fruits including apple and banana are a great pre-yoga snack. Avocado is another great snack that fills your stomach and digest easily.


Smoothies are not only yummy but will keep you full to last through a yoga session. To make your smoothie light, add low-fat yoghurt or coconut milk instead of full cream yoghurt. You can even use coconut water.


Almonds are known to be a nutritional snack, which easily digests. If you are feeling hungry before yoga then snack on a handful of almonds. Avoid salted almonds or pre-roasted ones.

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