Surf & Yoga Retreat Guides: Foods to Eat & Avoid Before Yoga

Foods to Eat & Avoid Before Yoga

Your food habits and more specifically food you eat and avoid, before your yoga sessions affect your overall practice. That is why at our yoga and surf retreat in Sri Lanka, we offer our guests a healthy mix of meal choices.

Aim to eat at least 2 hours before your yoga session

As a rule, you should eat approximately two hours before a yoga session. This is to give your body enough time to digest food before you begin strenuous exercise. Make sure that your meal is fortified with carbohydrates to fuel your workout and healthy fats to help you digest and ensure that your heart and brain gets ample nutrients. Eating a main meal two hours before your class will help you avoid embarrassing flatulence episodes too.

Meal Options – What to eat before Yoga

You can try a healthy quinoa salad with some arugula and pumpkin or a bowlful of oats with almond milk and a sprinkling of nuts and fresh berries.  How about some rice cakes with avocado and just a squeeze of lemon juice (not too much? Brown rice tossed with tofu would be another wholesome option. Whatever your choice is, always go for food with a low glycemic index and stay clear of excessive sugar consumption. Food high in acidic content can lead to heartburn during your class.

Drinking too much water or juice before a yoga class can make you feel nauseated. Drink only a small amount of water to stay hydrated.

Snacks for people with fast metabolism

If you tend to suffer from hunger pangs often, you can go for a light snack 30 minutes before your class. But, stick to sensible options like fruit, nuts or seeds. Another great option if you need quick high energy snacks during the day, is to have a spoonful of peanut butter or protein ball.

What to eat after your yoga session

You should ideally drink good old, plain water after your yoga class. But coconut water or water with some added vitamin C cannot hurt. You could also try a glass of fresh fruit juice without any added sugar to get plenty of vitamins.

During yoga sessions, you burn a lot of calories. A bowl of warming, vegetable soup made of celery, carrots and spinach can help you recharge. Other food options could include tuna for protein or some wholegrain toast with almond or peanut butter and banana slices.

A vibrant vegetable salad with some coriander, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil could help you feel invigorated and happy after a yoga session. At Nirbana, we try to offer our guests plenty of healthy food options while also giving them the freedom to choose what they like. 

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