Fitness Tips For Your Next Surf Holiday

Fitness Tips For Your Next Surf Holiday

Surf & Yoga Retreat Guides – Fitness Tips For Your Next Surf Holiday

No other sport makes you feel closer to nature than surfing. It relieves your mind and it makes you feel the joy of mother nature. The peace and serenity that comes with surfing is an unbeatable one. Improving towards a more capable physical state, which is “athletic capacity”, is what legitimate training is about. This article covers some tips to make your body stronger, powerful, flexible, and more durable, so you are not self-limiting the skill and art of surfing. 

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In this article:

  • Cardio Exercises
  • Stretching 
  • A Well-Balanced Diet
  • Surf and Yoga Retreats

Cardio Exercises

You can include a variety of different cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, beach running, band paddling, skipping and riding to help improve your fitness for surfing. Band paddling is an excellent way to keep your paddle fitness up when the surf is down. Use cardio equipment that utilizes both the upper and lower body. Cardio exercises that demand an interaction of both your arms and legs will result in better surf stamina.


Stretching before and after a surf session is vital for getting the best out of your surfing performance. The best stretches for surfers should help in a range of movements as well as better long-term contractions of your muscles which will help to decrease the risk of cramping up or injury. It is also crucial to your recovery from surfing and will help your muscles recover quicker and be ready for the next surf. 

A Well-Balanced Diet

Individual training diets vary based on the level of surfing, amounts of training and competition, specific athlete needs, training goals, body composition goals, health and adjustment for growth in younger surfers. Eating a well-balanced diet is encouraged, with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, low-fat dairy, nuts, fish, lean meat, poultry and protein alternatives, as well as adequate hydration. 

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Surf and Yoga Retreats

Nirbana is one of Sri Lanka’s all-inclusive luxury surf and yoga retreats where you will have access and support from the on-site hosts and pro-instructors to assist with all of your needs. Apart from yoga, one can also indulge in activities like surfing, photography and organic cooking. Moreover, being in close proximity to the ocean is just a perfect way to soothe your mind and body.

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