Daily Meditation for Healthy Living – Enrich Your Yoga Practice

Meditation for Healthy Living

Yoga meditation is about finding calm and clarity of thought in a busy mind. Meditation complements the physical aspect of yoga poses to provide a well-rounded experience. Here are some of the benefits of daily meditation. At Nirbana, we like to create a safe and serene space for you to seek peace within. 

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Natural Stress Stabilizer

Outwardly, your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka is hardly the occasion to observe your body’s stress responses. But a blissful holiday can give you the ideal window of opportunity to start meditating daily, to observe your thought patterns. As you develop the practice, you will begin to notice that anxious or angry thoughts tend to trigger discomforting sensations in your body. This is your body’s natural response system to unforeseen stress, a legacy from our hunter-gatherer days. Perceived and real threats increase the level of cortisol (stress hormones) in the body which triggers fight-or-flight responses, hardly a useful phenomenon in the modern age. Brain studies indicate that regular meditators have lower cortisol levels.

Increased Concentration and Mindfulness

Meditators experience bliss once they reach the point of absolute concentration or ‘one-pointedness’. This is how you reach the ‘flow’ state where your mind tunes into itself in perfect harmony. As a result, regular meditators enjoy heightened attention and increased concentration spans otherwise known as mindfulness.

Emotional Wellbeing

Studies have shown that regular meditators are less likely to develop depression and mood related disorders in comparison to those who don’t meditate. This is the result of improved self-awareness and self-worth that is a byproduct of a calm and conscious mind.

Builds Empathy

Once you become aware of your own mind’s inner workings, empathizing with others become second nature to you. The deep sense of wellbeing and bliss that you experience in meditation will put you on the path of becoming kinder and more empathetic towards fellow human beings. At Nirbana, we offer daily yoga and meditation programmes for those who wish to explore the benefits of meditation with their yoga practice.

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