Book a Surf Retreat in Sri Lanka and Get Addicted to Surfing for Life

Book a Surf Retreat in Sri Lanka

Are you excited about finally going on that surf and yoga retreat you’ve been promising yourself? If so, you are dangerously close to becoming ridiculously addicted to surfing.

At Nirbana Sri Lanka, we have the pleasure of hosting numerous surf enthusiasts and invariably we’ve witnessed the health and emotional benefits of surfing. But, what about the downside of surfing? We are not trying to curb your enthusiasm. This is just a helpful guide to help you prepare for a lifetime of surfing with genuine awareness.

Good Waves Attract Crowds and Sri Lanka’s Got Plenty

No one wants to miss a good wave. There is always going to be someone who wakes up earlier and another person who may think they own the beach. There is always scope for trouble.

On our surf retreats, we know the best beaches in the area and the best time of day to surf so you avoid the crowds. When you’re learning to surf, the last thing you want to do is get bashed over the head with a board, or accidently cut someone up who’s riding a wave. 

Our surf guides and instructors will help you find the perfect wave for your surf level and experience. 

Tough Wipeouts Are Going to Occur

Getting caught in a massive set after you get wiped out is no fun at all. A three wave hold down is probably the worst kind. Learn all the techniques you need to avoid wipe out but always be ready too.

Beware of Becoming a Greedy Surfer

You won’t be able to resist a good wave when you spot it. Some surfers just don’t care about surf etiquette. This may goad you into becoming a selfish, greedy surfer with an unbearable attitude. Watch out.

Perfect Waves Are Hard to Find

In movies, you see surfers effortlessly finding perfect waves that they seem to have all to themselves. But, in reality perfect waves are rare and finding waves to yourself, even more so. When you’re starting out, remember to talk to other surfers and listen to their advice. If there’s a whole beach stretching for miles but people only surfing in one location it’s probably for a good reason. The ocean can be dangerous and unforgiving so don’t be scared of sounding like a kook, chat with locals and other surfers about the best and safest places to surf. 

You’ll be Overconfident

When you are braving the waves, it is easy to fool yourself into thinking that you are flawless. But, in truth, you are probably no different to 90 percent of surfers around the world. Remember that knowone likes an arrogant doosh, surf with a smile and respect your surf brothers and sisters. 

Surfing Can Get in the Way of Relationships

It can be exhausting for your partner and travel mates to wait by the beach on most holidays while you wait to catch the perfect wave. It’s a good idea to plan your surf’s so you don’t end up falling out with people. 

Sharks Seem to Love Surfers

Well, most probably, you won’t have to experience a surf attack. But, it is a possibility you cannot rule out entirely in certain parts of the world. Apply caution always and listen to the locals if they warn you off a certain area.

Surf Brands are Going to Get to You

Surfing is going to be a lifelong addiction. And surf brands know just how to exploit your love for the waves. While it is okay to splurge on some necessary item that would keep you safe, always think twice before buying any extra tools.

You’ll Encounter a Lot of Flat Days

When you first begin to surf seriously, you are going to imagine yourself surfing most of the time. But, work and other commitments are going to get in the way. When you do find time for surfing, you may not find enough swell. Get used to being disappointed from time to time.

Injuries and Diseases

There are numerous surf related injuries you may have to watch out for. Surfers are more prone to skin cancer, hyperthermia, sprains, staph infection and pain in the lower back and shoulders.  

But, none of these are reasons to quit that glorious sport. Simply, try to be mindful and not get carried away with your own imagined version of the surfer within you.

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