What Happens When the Indian Ocean Meets Sri Lanka? It Waves!

Best Surf Breaks in Sri Lanka

The perfect island for a surfing holiday, the waves in Sri Lanka are consistent and impressively varied! One of Asia’s most reliable surf destinations, the tropical island boasts warm waters all-year round. Let’s look at the waves across the best surf spots in Sri Lanka.

The Best Surf Breaks in Sri Lanka

Catching Feels at Hikkaduwa Beach Break

This place is ideal for beginner surfers, although Hikkaduwa Beach Break is known to pack quite a punch. The place is blissfully un-crowded leaving you to enjoy vast sunny skies, sandy shores and fab breaks in solitude. The waves are kind of ‘punchy peaks’ ending in a big old shore dump. If you’re looking for a female only retreat then Hikkaduwa is also a great destination.

Going Pro at Hikkaduwa Reef

The area’s most popular wave, hence it’s crowded. The lefts with long walls are favoured over the fat rights, with a likely hood of barrels forming the bigger the wave gets. Avoid the wave at high tide and chill instead; Hikkaduwa is home to some of the best beach villas in Sri Lanka.

Getting Gnarly at Rams Right

Located in Midigama a quintessential village, this wave can be described as ‘mechanical’; expect a small barrel and the perfect shoulder to turn. Mind you the wave can at times seem daunting when it grows in size but that’s part of the thrill. Surf there around 11 am, which is when winds start to run towards the shore and the early morning surfers running the waves since the wee hours are done.

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Lazy Left by Name, Crazy Left By Nature

A left hander that peaks with a fast and steep first section before trundling off into a long slow wall. , Lazy Left is about 100m from Rams Right. Perfect to cruise on a long board, with little chance of barrelling, this wave is ideal for intermediates and advanced surfers.

Weligama Makes You Calmer

The waves here pick up quite a swell, are consistent and promise peaks running the length of the 3 mile beach; ideal for surfers of all levels. If you’re looking for luxury surf and yoga retreats with qualified instructors then this is your place.

Non-Stop Surf and Party in Mirissa

A slick right hand which breaks over a shallow reef home to loads of urchins, Mirissa wave has plenty of thrills up its sleeve making the place popular amongst surfers, in addition to being a fab beach resort for all beach lovers. It’s solo traveller friendly and you certainly won’t get lonely.

Dream Away in Arugam Bay

The most famous wave in Sri Lanka, this east coast allure is best attempted only between April and November. One of the islands longest right hand point breaks, the wave has barrel sections and varied take-off points promising a consistent wave. An incredible place for a luxury surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.

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