Benefits of a Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

Benefits of a Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

Reinvigorate your senses in blissful Lanka  

If you are looking for a vacation that helps you connect with yourself, be healthy and explore nature then go on a yoga retreat. In the blissful island of Sri Lanka, you have the option of spending your holiday at surf and yoga retreats such as the Nirbana. You can ride the waves of the Indian Ocean while you learn to soothe your senses with yoga.

Healthy Food

Consuming healthy food is an important component of yoga. Yoga retreats serve healthy meals that will help detox your system. You will notice changes in yourself after consuming these meals.

“Asana” teaches us to better understand your body

How many of us truly understand what our bodies are capable of doing? Yoga teaches you about your body and the postures or ‘asana’ teaches how to move freely with greater ease and awareness. These postures help to build strong bodies that are flexible. This will also help you in surfing if you plan to do so.

Healthy eating relieves stress

Stress has become the worst enemy of modern day men and women. A few minutes of yoga within the day can be a great way to relieve stress. According to research yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, which is the main stress hormone in the body. Yoga poses and meditation are both helpful techniques to relief one’s stress. Yoga has even proven to help those suffering from anxiety and depression. The relaxation can also help you fall asleep with ease.

Exercise in yoga helps us to breath better which relieves stress

Breathing exercises taught in yoga helps to energize as well as encourage relaxation. Different breathing methods help you understand how it connects to your bodies. This also helps to increase focus since you are conscious about your breathing. You can easily let go of your stress naturally through this exercise. Breathing exercises will help you focus better on meditation.

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