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Learn to Surf in Sri Lanka at Nirbana

Nirbana is proud to offer guests the chance to learn to surf in Sri Lanka on some of the best surf breaks in the world. We offer learn to surf lessons 12 months of the year (weather depending) and we guarantee to get you up on a board in your first lesson. While it’s possible to learn to surf on your own it’s a great idea to get some coaching at the start as it will get you standing up regularly much faster. You also don’t want to pick up bad habits and our surf instructors will help you kick start your 7 day experience so you can maximise your time in the water.

Our surf guides will help you understand the basics by explaining the theoretical and practical aspects of surfing. In high season or on request we can also arrange for video and photo coaching to help you perfect your style.

What makes learning to Surf in Sri Lanka with Nirbana different to other surf camps is that we cater for people with totally open minds and a range wide age group. As our target audience is a little older than a typical surf camp, you’ll have access to guides who are happy to give you more time and patiently work with you to ensure your 7 days experience is not wasted. We’re committed to finding surfing locations that are suitable for you and we won’t put you at risk or take you out of your comfort zone.

It’s important for us that you experience the best of Sri Lanka and weather permitting, our goal will be to get you surfing on a range of the best surf breaks in South Sri Lanka, while other companies may take you to the same breaks each and every day.

Learning to Surf in Sri Lanka
Practitioner/Guide nameTimes/Dates/Days of the weekLocationPrice
BRUNO / OTHER From 07.30 AM and 04.30 PM dailyAhangama, Weligama, Midigama, GalleINCLUDED


  • Are there crocodiles? Croc sightings are rare and there are no known reports of attacks to surfers.
  • Are there sharks? Shark sightings are rare and there are no known reports of attacks to surfers in the area.
  • Are there venomous animals? Yes, Sri Lanka does have venomous animals so it is possible we could see snakes & scorpions. Although they are extremely rare.
  • Do I need experience? For our Advance or Intermediate guiding/lessons some experience is necessary. An assessment can be done on your first surf where our guide will ensure you have the necessary skills.
  • Are there vegetarian food options? Vegetarian options are always available, for further dietary requirements please enquire.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact us directly on