Becoming a Travelling Yogi – 5 Ways To Keep Up Yoga Practice When Travelling

Becoming a Travelling Yogi

Practicing yoga during your holiday 

Your travel plans do not have to interfere with your yoga routine. While our surf and yoga retreats offer travellers a chance to deepen their practice, in this article we discuss how you can keep up your yoga practice whenever you travel. 

Becoming A Travelling Yogi – A Snapshot Guide

Try to not to beat yourself up 

You are not going to be able to do your yoga stretches with the same ease and convenience that you experience at home during your travels. So, try not to beat yourself up if you don’t get to practice every day or if you have to cut back on your practice time. When you worry too much about your yoga routine, the pressure may end up in making you give up on yoga altogether during your travels. Plan on creating a pragmatic routine based on your holiday schedule. 

Stick to a Simple Sequence

Plan a simple, easy to manage sequence especially for the holidays. You can note the routine down on paper or on your go to device. Once you start practicing, it will all come to you naturally. You can ask our yoga instructors to help you develop a travel-friendly, short routine. It is important to plan a sequence that is easy to remember organically. You should not have to ‘think’ too much about your asana.

Remember that Yoga is a Way of Being

Make yoga a part of your daily life. You don’t have to take to your mat to practice. Make it a habit to practice pranayama whenever you feel stressed. Learn to accept travel related hassle without judgment and practice compassion on yourself and treat fellow travellers the same way.  

Be Wary of Excuses

You don’t always need a mat and a noiseless environment to practice yoga. Hotel towels and robes make excellent alternatives to mats. All you have to do is show up and be in the moment. 

Check out a Class

Whenever you feel that you need to get some professional advice from an instructor, join a class. For example, you could look for a surf and yoga retreat in Ahangama when you are in South of Sri Lanka.

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