A Beginners Fitness Guide To Surfing

A Beginners Fitness Guide To Surfing

Surf & Yoga Retreat Guides – A Beginners Fitness Guide To Surfing

Surfing requires a considerable amount of coordination, core strength and endurance in order to be able to swim out to catch waves; then pull yourself up to a standing position and balance on a board while the mighty waves do their best to shake you off. The best surfing workout programs incorporate both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. In addition to cardio fitness, there are a number of very specific surfing skills that one needs to master in order to be able to go out on the waves:

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In this article:

  • Surfing Fitness Warm-Up 
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Strength and Stability
  • Sri Lanka Surf and Yoga Retreat

Surfing Fitness Warm-Up 

Starting off in a standing position, squat down and place your hands on the floor. Then jump your legs back into a push-up position. Lower yourself to the ground like a press-up and as you push back, spring your feet into a perfect surfing position: front foot between your front two hands and back leg bent. Now jump up as high as possible and repeat. Do this 10 times in between each key training factor set, choose one out of the two exercises and repeat; completing 3 sets of 12.

Flexibility and Balance

Creating a balanced and good range of motion in your body is vital for anyone looking to maintain and preserve their fitness. Any repetitive movements will cause strain on the body and often not in equal parts which can lead to injury. Heated yoga is the best for those who want a more intense workout though not necessarily Bikram yoga. Yoga can help develop strength as well as improved flexibility and tone, which every surfer needs. 

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Strength and Stability

Basic squats are a crucial surfing exercise. Even though many consider them leg exercises, they are in fact a full-body workout. The ankles, knees, hips, and spine support a heavy load when surfing and they need to be as strong as possible.  Start with standing with feet hip-width apart bend at the knees and hips to lower yourself into a sitting position with your knees at right angles. Push back up through your heels and repeat for 3 sets of 20 reps.

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