7 Reasons You Should Consider Retreats Over Regular Vacations

Reasons You Should Consider Retreats Over Regular Vacations

Have you been considering going on a yoga retreat for your next vacation? Perhaps, you’ve already been on the lookout for surf and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka? Here are top 7 reasons to follow through with new intentions. 

Lasting Benefits

Action packed, fun holidays let you escape the mundane for a while. But once the vacation is over, you’ll be getting back to the same routine. Retreats, on the other hand, help you find serenity in the moment, a practice that can help you find happiness in ordinary things, even after you go back home.  

Pursuit of Peace

Yoga retreats offer peaceful surroundings to deepen your practice. You can forget all about your busy schedule and the never ending chores to simply sink into the peace that surround you. Regular vacations don’t necessarily take you to tranquil environs. 

Close Proximity to Nature

Retreats let you savour the healing touch of nature. You’ll breath clean, crisp air and tune in to the vast therapeutic silence of nature. This in fact reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. You’ll leave for home at the end of the vacation rejuvenated and happy. 

Connecting with Like-Minded People 

You’ll invariably find lots of like-minded people at your retreat. After all, similar goals drive people to take up yoga and seek peace. These people can offer you support and guidance. You can also discuss your challenges, and identify the areas that you need to work on. But, more importantly, you’ll find kindred spirits to ease your way on your journey. 

Professional Guidance 

Teachers and instructors at your retreat can help you improve your practice. You can learn new techniques, correct your posture and more importantly learn to incorporate your mental and spiritual wellbeing into daily practice. Experienced, professional guidance can make a big difference in your yoga practice. 

Retreats are already planned and organised so your mind can stay clear and stress free

Unlike a regular vacation which requires at least some amount of planning, retreats allow you to simply walk into well-managed sojourn. You don’t have to worry about scheduling or wait in lines. Your retreat managers will take care of everything. 

Retreats Are Cost-Effectiveness 

Retreats can be more cost-effective when compared to regular vacations. When you book a retreat, you pay for pretty much everything at once, apart from a few expenses here and there. When you go on a regular vacation, sticking to a budget can be hard. You may end up paying huge restaurant bills, spending more on transport and even tickets. At Nirbana, we invite our guests to enjoy a flexible schedule while providing them with all they need to benefit from a well-planned retreat.

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