5 Insta Worthy Places To Visit In South Sri Lanka

5 Insta Worthy Places To Visit In South Sri Lanka

Surf & Yoga retreats with us are so much more than a retreat. We love showcasing the area that we’re lucky enough to call home. In this article, we’re going to show you 5 Insta worthy places to visit during your holiday with us on the South Coast of Sri Lanka.

5 Instagram Worthy Places To Visit on Sri Lanka’s South Coast

Wijaya Beach – Coconut Swing

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This one’s from today ???? . The water has been quite choppy over the last few days. The weather has been stormy; it’s raining cats and dogs as I type this out right now. I’m mildly put off, because all I want is salt on my skin and sand in my hair. I want to swim with the turtles. I want to see the sun forming patterns on my hands through the waves. I want to see corals and fish and all sorts of marine life you can expect to see here in Sri Lanka. I’m a water baby who misses the water a hell lot! Can’t exactly complain though. It IS shoulder season in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, so I knew I could expect a little bit of rain. A storm, though, is a little outside the ordinary. . That said, I did luck out with a relatively dry and slightly sunny morning! I found the Insta-famous swing at Dalawella Beach and had so much fun with it! I was a little apprehensive when I saw the range of the swing, and the choppy waters with corals lying just beneath the surface that would probably cut me up real nice if I lost my grip ???? I didn’t though. . When I took that first swing, I felt FREE. It felt like flying through air (and it was, lol), but with the feeling of ground beneath my feet. If you’ve seen one of my previous posts, you’ll know not feeling that ground beneath my feet is a fear I have, so this was just perfect ???? When I let go, I was flying towards an infinite, and yet holding on to my anchor. . Boundless. Infinite. Carefree. Joyous. These emotions played themselves over and over in my heart as I stepped into that swing again and again, and flew out over the waves. At that moment, I didn’t care if it was choppy, or rainy, or whatever. I only cared that I was flying. . So yeah, the weather’s a little off. I can’t do a lot of things I want to. But can I find joy in moments that help me discover boundlessness? Can I revel in those and take them with me wherever I go? Can I look back to today, and think of all the love I felt instead of what I couldn’t do? Absolutely. . It’s been good ♥️ . #peppytravelgirl

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Rumasala Temple – Unawatuna / Galle

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Visit Galle Fort – UNESCO Heritage Sight

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Вчера, буквально проездом, были в Галле – город и порт на юго-западе Шри-Ланки. ⠀ Видели современный 27-метровый маяк ????, который был возведен в 1939 году после того, как сгорел старый маяк. ⠀ Интересно прогуляться по форту. Он очень большой, имеет множество улиц, вымощенных брусчаткой. Здесь очень красиво и необычно, чувствуется что-то европейское???? На территории расположены красивые здания, рестораны, кафе, сувенирные лавки. С Форта открывается красивый вид на океан???? ⠀ Жаль, что мы были проездом и не успели до конца насладиться красотой Галле. ⠀ #gallefort #shrilanka

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