11 Ways to Make the Most of Your Yoga Retreat Experience

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A wellness getaway is always a good idea for your holiday away from a busy life. If you love tropical climes, perhaps a surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka might work for you. Here is a brief guide to help you make the most of your time at the yoga retreat. 

Commit to the Experience 

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in yoga asana, just be present and give it a go. Simply let go of your reservations about the practice and your own ability. Focus on what the yoga teacher is trying to convey and just have a go.  At Nirbana, we create a brave space for both novices and experienced yogis to follow their path and practice what is within their capabilities. 

Pay Attention to yourself 

If you spend time worrying about how advanced and well-coordinated the others look compared to yourself, you won’t be able to learn anything. The only way to learn the art of yoga is to listen to your body and focus solely on your own practice. After all, no one was born a master yoga practitioner. 

Make Connections with like minded people

A yoga retreat is a golden opportunity to meet your tribe. You’ll run into lots of like-minded people. Talk about your practice, family, pet peeves, life and dreams. Just remember, you all have a common connection as you chose Nirbana for your Sri Lankan experience. Make connections. 

Take care of yourself 

You may be tempted to push yourself too far to be perfect. Given the myriad of opportunities to meditate, deepen your yoga practice, become vegan and perfect your techniques, you may lose sight of the ultimate goal of wellness and peace. Whenever you feel restless, take a step back and relax. Eat well and get plenty of rest. 

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Talk to the Instructor Alone 

One-on-one time with your yoga instructor can help you work on those individual aspects of your practice. You’ll learn about the slight mistakes that may be preventing you from progressing. The instructor will be able to help you adjust poses and deepen other aspects of your practice. 

Be Inquisitive 

Children are great learners because they are never too shy to ask questions. Your yoga retreat will provide you plenty of instances to awaken your inner child and ask questions. Question the yoga teacher/instructor and even more advanced students. Learn from their input. 

Listen well and keep an open mind 

Try not to let your inner cynic shut down every odd sounding idea. Listen before you judge and let your own unbiased experience be the judge. Keeping an open mind, listen to the teacher, the surrounding and your own body. 

Discover your surrounding 

Go for strolls along the beach and explore old temples in the area. Feast your eyes on pleasantly green or gold paddy fields in Sri Lanka or take a walk along a busy street to people watch. Discovering your surroundings will help you enrich your whole experience. 

Practice Patience 

You probably would begin your yoga retreat holiday with a lot of high expectations. But yoga is a slow and steady journey. If things seem to go in unexpected directions, practice patience, acceptance and letting go. These are some of the best lessons of yoga. 

Know Why you are there 

Before you start the retreat, take some time to reflect on why you are really there. After the retreat, reflect back and contemplate what you learnt. You’ll be surprised to notice the difference in perspective. 

Take it back home 

Your yoga retreat is a chance to escape the mundane and deepen your connection to your inner self. You’ll learn new breathing techniques, perfect your poses and learn to appreciate each moment to its fullest. Take these lessons back home and let those add depth and serenity to your everyday life. 

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